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TEDxHSG 2018: "Note to Self"

On Saturday 1 December 2018, twelve people from all walks of life will talk about the defining moments of their lives at the fourth TEDxHSG conference. HSG students have invited entrepreneurs, artists, authors and adventurers as well as a lucid dreamer.
Source: HSG Newsroom
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23 November 2018. As an independently organized non-profit initiative, TEDxHSG brings inspirational people to St.Gallen. TED is about spreading good ideas and connecting people, to "make the world little bit better". Whether you are just interested in how the universe began, or how to bake bread like an artisan, the TED video series comprises ideas on almost every topic on YouTube. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design.

During the fourth TEDxHSG conference, twelve panellists will go public on important moments in their professional and private lives. The team of student organizers has brought people from the most varied of backgrounds to St.Gallen.

A potpourri of topics

Simone Askew, at 20 years of age, became the first African-American woman in history to become First Captain at West Point Military Academy. Jeffrey Franks is Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Europe. He will talk about what it means to act in the global interest. Another representative from the economic world is Impact Analyst, Adina Rom. She will describe the effects of data-based analysis on the development of countries. The adventurer, Damian Browne will talk about perseverance as the key to a courageous lifestyle. YouTuber and musician Adam Neely will reveal similarities between music and spoken language.

Sources of ideas, learning processes and passion

Artist Erik Kessels will talk about mistakes as sources of ideas and explain how everything does not always have to make sense in life. Melanie Kovacs is the founder of a coding school. She will explain how the learning process involved in programming can also be transferred to other areas. Psychology Researcher, Denholm Aspy will talk about making difficult decisions while staying true to oneself and one’s values. Swiss national Nadia Damaso is already the author of two best-sellers at the age of 22. She will talk about her passion for cooking and photography. The US-American life coach and author of six books, Michael Neill, will ask what sort of world would it be, if instead of aggressive activism, a higher consciousness prevailed. André Hoffmann, former vice-president of the WWF and vice-president of Roche, shows that short-term profit maximisation is incompatible with sustainable growth. Deyshawn Moser, a former professional swimmer with a Master’s degree in Ecological Economics, explores why successful people often travel, rather than being goal-oriented.

Students organise TEDx-Talks

French-speaking Master’s student, Manal Belaouane, launched the event in 2015 with a team of around 30 HSG students. Inspired by the good response to the first TEDx Talks at the University of St.Gallen students are producing the conference again this year – for the first time in the St.Gallen Olma-Halle and for the second time with open participation in the "Bring your Voice" competition. The TEDxHSG Team 2018 is coordinated by Benoît Bourban and Jaren Valentino.

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