Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Family Firms

Family firms account for roughly 80% of all firms in Switzerland.

This leads us to the following questions: How do family firms manage to be successful over several generations? What are the antecedents of long-term success? We devote ourselves to these and further questions in our research activities in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation in family firms:

• Transgenerational Entrepreneurship
• Intrapreneurship
• Innovation in Family Firms
• International Research Project GUESSS

Selected Publications

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Practitioner Studies

Hsueh, J. & Zellweger, T. (2018). The influence of family business background on next-generation entrepreneurship: A gift or a curse?

Zellweger, T., & Kammerlander, N. (2014). Family Business Groups in Deutschland: Generationenübergreifendes Unternehmertum in grossen deutschen Unternehmerdynastien.

From a Family Enterprise to an Entrepreneurial Family

Zu viele arbeiten mit dem Rückspiegel - Interview mit Thomas Zellweger (2022). Das Schaffhauser Wirtschaftsmagazin