GUESSS project

GUESSS stands for «Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students' Survey». The research project investigates student entrepreneurship on a global scale. It is probably the world's largest research project in this area.


GUESSS was initiated in 2003 and is managed today by the CFB-HSG/KMU-HSG together with the University of Bern. It is now one of the largest research projects on (student) entrepreneurship in the world.

The main research focus is the entrepreneurial intentions and activities of students. We investigate various influencing factors, such as university context, family context, as well as individual motives and attitudes. Special attention is also paid to students who come from an entrepreneurial family and have the opportunity to take over the family business later on.

In 2021 the ninth wave of data collection took place. A total of 58 countries participated. The final data set contains complete responses from more than 267'000 students. The next edition of GUESSS will start in 2023.  

International project reports, country reports, further studies and GUESSS-based scientific articles can be found on the GUESSS website:

Project partner

We are very happy that we have been able to gain EY as an international partner of GUESSS.

On the national level, we are glad about the support provided by «venturelab» and «venturekick».



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