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Public lectures spring semester 2023: Discovering the world without borders

This spring, several HSG public lectures are dedicated to "borders" – geographic, educational as well as narrative. We cordially invite you to join our professors and external lecturers on a voyage of discovery and to cross borders.
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Visitors to the public program will experience the interdisciplinarity that characterizes teaching and research at HSG.

Visitors to the public program Spring 2023 will experience the interdisciplinarity that characterizes teaching and research at HSG. This semester's topics again range from HSG core subjects to areas such as language and literature, history, culture, art and music, and society, theology and the region of St.Gallen itself. A focus on "borders" runs through various lectures. The semester begins on February 20, 2023, and will celebrate our anniversary, "125 Years HSG".    

Across borders 

"We have rarely set boundaries in the design of the public lecture program – but that does not prevent us from exploring them in many ways in terms of content in the current program," writes Prof. Dr. Florian Wettstein, head of the public program, in the foreword to the brochure of the spring semester 2023
"Boundaries" are also experienced by organizations and leaders in social, economic and ecological crises such as energy shortages. Overcoming these requires resilience, as Omid Aschari will explain in his lecture on leadership effectiveness. Against the backdrop of climate change, Stefan Bühler's lecture will be devoted to combating "greenwashing" – which operates at critical boundaries of truly sustainable behaviour – and to the question of why the circular economy should be advanced. But the Swiss population is also shaking up boundaries, namely when it comes to its attitude toward the EU. For according to the "Chancenbarometer", citizens are more open to accession than the public debate would suggest. Tina Freyburg will examine the change of opinion in her lecture. In the literary world and her lecture series, the Swiss book prize winner Martina Clavadetscher breaks the boundaries of obedience, while the "equally clairvoyant and unfathomable narrative worlds" in Kafka's books continue to fascinate, as Andreas Härter will explain in his lecture. And last but not least, the Russian tradition of literary resistance lives on in the face of the Putin regime's current border violations in Ukraine, as Ulrich Schmid will show.    

Seeing with children's eyes  

To illustrate the brochure of the public program, students from the third and fourth grades of the Rotmonten-Gerhalde Primary School were asked for their perspective on selected lecture topics of the spring semester. Photographer Hannes Thalmann captured the workshop and the children's drawings on the topics of natural science, sports, IT organizations of the future, angels and the Eternal City of Rome in pictures.  

Registration only required for online lectures 

Registration is only required for those lectures that take place (only) online. For all details see here

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Image: Brochure of the public lectures / Hannes Thalmann