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Understanding change

People who want to find their bearings in time of globalisation will need an agile mind. Students will be able to sharpen their minds in a new programme at the HSG from autumn 2011. It is offered in German language.
Source: HSG Newsroom


25 November 2010.  The new specialised Master’sprogramme in Organization Studies and Cultural Theory (MOK) will convey competencies for the analysis and creative configuration of complex development processes in the economy and in society. “With this new Master’s programme, we are bridging the gap between skills that are traditionally taught in the humanities and an education that enables students to develop strategies which are economically viable,” explains Dieter Thomä. Thus the MOK is based on the fundamentals of both cultural and social theory and of management theory.

Reinforcement of the HSG’s integrative educational tradition
The curricular concept of the MOK constitutes a continuation of the HSG’s integrative educational tradition: there is not merely a demand for instrumental knowledge, but increasingly also for a sound ability to find one’s bearings with a keen sense of responsibility for developments in society as a whole. The MOK is thus an expression of an organic development on the part of the HSG that is in line with holistic thought and action.Profound management knowledge is equally important.

Good career prospects for graduates

This creates good prospects for MOK graduates for the start of their careers in enterprises, in complex organisations or for entrepreneurial independence. The focus is on industries with a high degree of public exposure, consultancy firms, communication and media agencies, research institutions, idea factories such as think tanks, cultural institutions, NPOs and NGOs, lobbying organisations and political parties. In addition, the MOK is an ideal preparation for the doctoral programme in Organisational Studies and Cultural Theory (DOK), which has been offered by the HSG since 2006.