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Start of Autumn Semester 2021 at the University of St.Gallen

20 September marks the start of Autumn Semester 2021 at the University of St.Gallen (HSG). For 1,777 first-semester students, the academic year has already begun today with the traditional StartWeek.
Source: HSG Newsroom

13 September 2021. A total of 9,435 students have enrolled for Autumn Semester 2021 at the University of St.Gallen (preceding year: 9,047). In the Assessment Year, 1,777 students are expected (1,927), and 3,289 (3,075) at the Bachelor’s Level. At the Master’s Level, 3,742 (3,548) are enrolled, and at the Ph.D. level 576 (609) students are matriculated at the University of St.Gallen. Another 51 (36) are attending supplementary courses. 23 students have enrolled for the first Master’s programme in Computer Science at the University of St.Gallen (the first undergraduate course in Computer Science will start in Autumn Semester 2022), and 57 have enrolled for the Joint Medical Master in St.Gallen in the autumn semester. As usual, the detailed enrolment statistics will be published in December. Experience shows that student numbers will have slightly decreased by then since some students are still trying to find their bearings, do not take up their studies at all or drop out after a few weeks.

Renovated Library with new learning rooms

The newly renovated Library Building is opening again for the beginning of the semester and the StartWeek. In keeping with the original idea of Bruno Gerosa, the architect of the Library Building, which was inaugurated in 1989, the focus of the renovation was on “transparency”. Besides various technical improvements, the interior of the building was freshened up and extended by a glass corridor, the Avenue. In the course of the renovation, the HSG also fulfilled students’ wishes for additional workplaces, particularly during the main learning stages. The result of the renovation also contributes to the learning climate – with a new ventilation system, a glass pyramid roof with protection against UV radiation, a sound-absorbing acoustic ceiling in the cafeteria, as well as new furniture, carpets and white bookshelves, which imbue the Library with additional brightness.

StartWeek about “Artificial Intelligence”

One week before the official start of the lectures, the newly enrolled students of the Assessment Year are gathering for the StartWeek from today onwards. The StartWeek is an integral part of the HSG’s Assessment Year. The new students are prepared for their everyday university life both in administrative and in academic terms. During the StartWeek, 170 tutors supervise the new students’ work on a case study on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI). 60 groups have been tasked by the fictitious foundation StartGen21 to identify current social challenges in Switzerland, to explore AI applications to solve these problems, and to reflect on positive and negative effects of the use of artificial intelligence. The StartWeek 2021 is taking place with “alternating teaching”, i.e. partially on site and partially online. Events on site are subject to the obligation to wear a mask and to a maximum utilisation of two thirds of room capacities this week. The same applies to further events that are taking place on the campus this week, such as the introductory programme of the HSG Kick-off Days (cf. below), programmes for guest students, etc.

Semester start with the HSG Kick-off Days

With the English-language Kick-off Days, the HSG is also welcoming more than 700 new students at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. Levels. The introductory programme will provide the newcomers with an extensive insight into the organisational processes and all the services of the University of St.Gallen that are relevant to studies. In addition, the new HSG students have an opportunity to become acquainted with their fellow students in workshops and on guided tours even before the semester start. Equally, they are being provided with an insight into the academic and administrative processes of a degree course at the HSG, as well as into the campus landscape.

Certificate requirement as from 20 September

Regular teaching in the Autumn Semester, which will start next Monday, 20 September, will be subject to a Covid-19 certificate requirement. The certificate requirement will allow for classroom teaching largely free from protection measures: in the lecture rooms, the obligation to wear a mask and capacity restrictions will be dispensed with, and there will be semester planning security for faculty members and students. In the present situation, some faculty members and students will be unable to run and attend courses (completely) on site, respectively, for instance if they are part of the risk group. Faculty members are therefore obliged to ensure the appropriate participation of all course participants so that students will be able to complete a course successfully even if they have not attended it physically.

Contact for questions about the StartWoche:

071 224 31 23, startwoche(at),

Contact for questions about the Kick-off Days:

071 224 39 41, kick-off-days(at)