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New enrolment windows for Master’s

To satisfy students’ requirements more effectively, the University of St.Gallen (HSG) has brought forward the enrolment windows for Master’s programmes.
Source: HSG Newsroom


14 August 2015. The enrolment windows were adjusted to the deadlines of the internationally leading business universities. These earlier enrolment windows allow for earlier admission decisions. This enhances mobility between individual degree course levels and universities.

You can find the currently applicable enrolment windows below. Please enrol for studies at the HSG in good time.

Bachelor’s Level
Start of course & enrolment windows
Spring Semester Autumn Semester
Assessment Year 
(start: 1st semester, Bachelor’s Level)
Not possible 1 Feb. - 30 Apr.
Second course at the Bachelor’s Level 
(start: 3rd semester, Bachelor’s level, with first degree)
1 Sept. - 31 Oct. 1 Feb. - 30 Apr.

Master’s Level:
Please note that the only courses that can still be started in the Spring Semester are the Master’s programmes in Law. 

Master’s Level
Start of course & enrolment windows 
Spring Semester Autumn Semester
Master’s programmes: 
Strategy and International Management (SIM), 
Banking and Finance (MBF), 
Management, Organization Studies and Cultural Theory (MOK), 
International Affairs and Governance (MIA) and 
Quantitative Economics and Finance (MiQE/F)
Not possible 1 Oct. - 30 Apr.
Master’s programmes: 
Accounting and Finance (MAccFin), 
Business Management (MUG), 
Business Innovation (MBI), 
Marketing, Service and Communication Management (MSC)
and Economics (MEcon)
Not possible 1 Nov. - 1 Mar.
Master’s programmes in Law: 
International Law (MIL), 
Law (MLaw) and 
Law and Economics (MLE)
1 Sept. - 31. Oct. 1 Nov. - 30 Apr.
For the Master’s programmes in Law, MLaw and MLE, prospective students with a Swiss educational background are able to enrol later, i.e. until 31 December and 30 June, respectively.

Basically, HSG students are able to enrol for the Master’s programme of their choice through the Autumn and Spring Semester enrolment in the ServicePortal; the windows for the semester enrolment are applicable. If you apply to one of the SIM, MBF, MOK, MIA or MiQE/F programmes, the above enrolment windows will be applicable.

Doctoral Level
Start of course & enrolment windows
Spring Semester Autumn Semester
All Ph.D. programmes 1 Sept. - 30 Nov. 1 Feb - 30 Apr.
Assistants and applicants with an HSG Master’s degree are able to enrol until 15 August and 15 January, respectively.