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HSG Learning Center - Groundbreaking ceremony for the future of learning

The groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the new HSG Learning Center on the Rosenberg took place on 6 November at 4 pm. The building designed by the renowned architecture firm Sou Fujimoto is to radiate as a new, innovative place of learning and enable future-oriented forms of learning. The HSG Learning Center is expected to open in the spring semester of 2022.
Source: HSG Newsroom

6 November 2019. The groundbreaking ceremony for the new HSG Learning Center on the Rosenberg campus took place on 6 November 2019, attended by numerous guests from politics, sponsors, neighbours, students and employees. The floor plan of the future HSG Learning Center was reproduced 1:1 on the site next to the library building with lights and a choreography by students and staff.

In his speech, Paul Achleitner, President of the HSG Foundation Board, emphasised that: "The new HSG Learning Center demonstrates the innovative spirit of the University of St.Gallen. This unique project will have a significant impact on the future appearance of the University on the Rosenberg campus. I am very proud that, thanks to all the sponsors, the HSG Foundation is able to provide the necessary funds for the construction and help shape the future of the HSG."

President Thomas Bieger associated the groundbreaking ceremony with the future of learning: "The HSG Learning Center is a beacon for the development of the HSG. It stands for the development of teaching and learning and thus for the University 4.0. It offers added value through personal interaction and encounters, especially in the age of digitalisation. Together with the expansion at the Platztor site, which is expected to open in 2027, the HSG will offer state-of-the-art infrastructures and thus strengthen its position as a leading business university."

Florian Wussmann, President of the Student Union, stressed the importance of the HSG Learning Center for students: "The HSG Learning Center will create a place where past, present and future HSG students can work together on the issues of the future in an innovative environment. This opens up new opportunities for generations of students, which will be of decisive value for our work in business, government and society."




HSG Learning Center




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The structure of the building is designed in such a way that the rooms can be changed - entirely according to the didactic needs.




Groundbreaking and start of construction

In the summer of 2019, the government of the Canton of St.Gallen granted the HSG Foundation the right to build the HSG Learning Center and the City of St.Gallen granted the building permit. The detailed plans for the construction of the building have now been drawn up and the general contractor has been appointed. Construction is scheduled to begin this year. From then on, increased construction traffic and noise levels are to be expected on Guisanstrasse, which is directly adjacent to the site. Safe traffic management on Guisanstrasse will be ensured in consultation with the authorities.

Independent and versatile

The project envisions a structure consisting of several cubes arranged on a grid, with a total floor space or around 7,000 m2. As such, the building takes into account the small-scale nature of the residential district, while still remaining impressively independent. The building’s structure is designed in such a way that the rooms can be changed - according to the educational needs. During the lecture periods, the HSG Learning Center will be used in particular for modern forms of teaching, while during the learning and examination phases the available space will be supplemented with learning stations. With the around 500 to 700 innovative learning and workstations, additional space can be created for learning in the digital age.

An initiative of the HSG Foundation

The HSG Foundation is financing the construction entirely through donations. A total of CHF 50 million has been earmarked for the construction and equipping of the HSG Learning Center. In order to be able to implement the educational programme in the building, the HSG Foundation expects a further CHF 10 million in the following years. All told, the donation initiative therefore aims at a sum of around 60 million Swiss francs. So far, more than 50 million francs have been raised.