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Consensual solution for HSG job fair

The Executive of the University of St.Gallen (HSG), the Student Union (SHSG) and the Executive of the Career Services Center (CSC-HSG) have worked out a consensual solution for the official HSG job fairs from 2010 onwards.
Source: HSG Newsroom

9 October 2009. The University Executive will approve the agreement between the three partners in the coming days in the form of a Decree on the basis of the President’s Board’s Resolution of 15 September 2009.

Continuity and quality assurance
The full integration of students in the preparation and organization of the University of St.Gallen’s official recruiting events under the name of HSGtalentsfrom 2010 is of central significance for all the parties involved, namely the University Executive, the Student Union and the CSC-HSG. This reorganization also takes into account the call for more continuity and quality assurance that has been voiced by enterprises for years.

Moreover, the HSG’s Vision 2010 and the core processes developed from it are confronting the University with new challenges that the HSGtalents recruiting event intends to take up with its strong presence in the media and the general public. This involves not only stronger participation of both internationally recruiting companies and regional SMEs but also a durable reinforcement of the HSG brand.

With and by students
The CSC-HSG, to which the President’s Board has entrusted the organization of the official recruiting event, HSGtalents, will provide an organizational foundation and make available a total of 100 percent staff capacity for project management to ensure continuity and quality.

Responsibility for the recruiting event itself will be borne by a core team of six students, who will also represent the event to the outside world; they will obtain 8 campus credits each for this task. A further 50 to 80 students will support the core team as helpers; they will be led by the core team and will receive a lump sum to reimburse them for any expenses.

An Advisory Board, which will also include representatives of the Student Union and the AIESEC, will provide important and trail-blazing impulses and will lend the project management and the core team its support with regard to central decision-making processes.

New fund for student commitment
The monies in the interface fund that were previously generated by HSG job fairs will be used to create, among other things, a new Student Union fund for the promotion of student commitment. An award committee made up of representatives of the Student Union and the associations will decide how these monies are used.

For this purpose, the interface fund will be dissolved, with half the monies being injected into the new Student Union fund while the other half will be used as starting capital for the HSG job fair HSGtalents. In addition, it is planned that monies from the proceeds from HSGtalents will flow into the newly created Student Union fund on an annual basis.

Monies generated by students will thus be used for the direct benefit of students. The remaining proceeds from HSGtalents are intended to be spent on the organization and further development of this job fair.

No appointment of a mediator
The University Executive is unable to accept the proposal of the appointment of a mediator made by the representatives of Dialog Klub and of Gruppe Forum HSG. Dialog Klub and Gruppe Forum HSG do not have a mandate from the Student Union to organize a job fair at the HSG from 2010 onwards, nor has the University assigned this task to them.

Once individual members of Dialog Klub, or rather students who are close to this association and Dialog Klub itself had initiated legal steps against the Administrative Director on 6 October 2009 – which happened after Dialog Klub proposed the appointment of a mediator on 5 October 2009 – the University Executive was forced to realize that Dialog Klub (and the above-mentioned individuals) are not seriously interested in either a mediation proceeding or in an amicable out-of-court settlement.