Campus - 22.03.2018 - 00:00 

University Library Building to be renovated

The St.Gallen cantonal government has adopted the dispatch concerning the partial renovation of the Library Building of the University of St.Gallen (HSG) for the attention of the cantonal parliament. This CHF 14.5m renovation will ensure that the Library Building, which was built about 30 years ago, can be operational for another few decades.
Source: HSG Newsroom

22 March 2018. The partial renovation of the University Library is one of the three construction projects for the University of St.Gallen. Owing to its urgent need for more space, a second campus is intended to be created for the HSG in the Platztor area. Above and beyond this, the HSG Foundation intends to erect a donation-funded HSG Learning Center in the immediate vicinity of the Library Building on the Rosenberg.

Heavily used building

The Rosenberg campus was planned for 5,000 students; today, however, more than 8,500 people are studying at the University of St.Gallen. The infrastructure has not kept abreast of the rise in student numbers. Owing to heavy utilisation, the Library Building has been subject to a great deal of wear and tear. After 30 years in operation, it requires a wide variety of renovation measures. Also, the building no longer satisfies today’s seismic safety and fire protection requirements. Furthermore, specific construction measures are necessary on the building envelope.

Construction work during the semester holidays

The Library Building will be renovated between 2019 and 2021. In order to interfere as little as possible with everyday university life, construction work will take place in the semester holidays from mid-July to mid-September. In this way, no provisional building needs to be set up. The costs for the partial renovation will amount to CHF 14.5m. The cantonal parliament will make the credit line decision in its June session.