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Two students for the cover

The new issue of the brochure "The HSG: a portrait. Facts and figures" has appeared. For the first time, the students on the cover were looked for through the social media channels.
Source: HSG Newsroom


21 May 2014. In March 2014, the University of St.Gallen looked for a man and a woman for the cover picture through its social media channels. The only condition was that the two had to be members of the HSG. The choice fell on the students Klara Zimmermann and Wilson Sequeira.

On the cover on one occasion
Chance brought it about that from among all the 7,666 HSG students, two undergraduates were selected. Furthermore, both of them are reading Business Administration in the fourth semester. Nonetheless, it was at the photo shoot in early April that they met for the first time – small wonder with more than 1,500 students in this Bachelor major (spread across all the semesters).

When asked why they responded to the appeal in the social media, Klara Zimmermann answered: "As a student, I identify with the University. And in nearly two years at the HSG, I now feel at home here." Wilson Sequeira confirmed this; in this way, he would be able to give something back to the HSG for once, adding with a chuckle: "And I've always wanted to be on a cover anyway!"

From the students' angle

If we look at the figures of the University of St.Gallen from Klara Zimmermann's and Wilson Sequeira's perspectives, we get the following picture:

  • Besides Klara Zimmermann, another 2,486 women are studying at the HSG. Thus women amount to one third of all HSG students.
  • Klara Zimmermann is one of 33 students from the Canton of Glarus, Wilson Sequeira is one of 329 students from the Canton of Berne. However, the biggest Swiss group (residence at the time of the university entrance qualification) is constituted by the Zurichers with 1,032 students.
  • Wilson Sequeira was recently elected a member of the committee of "P.I.E.C.E.S", a student initiative focusing on the education of children in developing countries. In addition, he is an active member of the Trading Club. Klara Zimmermann is also active in a student association, writing for the "prisma student magazine" as a head of department and chief online editor. Thus both of them are part of that half of students who are involved in one of the approx. 100 student associations and initiatives.
  • Both Klara Zimmermann and Wilson Sequeira have a part-time job besides their studies, as do roughly 80 per cent of the students of the Bachelor’s and Master’s Level throughout their student days.
  • In the autumn, Klara Zimmermann will leave for an exchange semester at the HSG partner university Aalto University in Helsinki. By now, 47 per cent of undergraduates and 34 per cent of the students at the Master's Level spend at least one semester on an exchange scheme.
  • Once they have obtained their Bachelor's degree, Klara Zimmermann and Wilson Sequeira will become members of HSG Alumni, the association of former students. In 2013, HSG Alumni had 20,819 active members.  

Besides student numbers, "The HSG: a portrait. Facts and figures" also reveals figures about research, internationality, regionality and finances. In addition, the brochure illustrates the University’s 116-year history.