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Survey on Switzerland’s image

Swissness remains a valuable brand. This has been revealed by the new edition of Swissness Worldwide. Despite their good reputation, Swiss products and services are exposed to fierce global competition. The survey was conducted with 7,900 people from 15 countries.<br/><br/>
Source: HSG Newsroom

14 July 2016. After Swiss products and services always made the best overall impression in the surveys of 2008, 2010 and 2013, they end up in second place for the first time in 2016, a hair’s breadth behind their German competitors. This has been revealed by the current study Swissness Worldwide 2016, which was conducted by the Institute of Marketing (information-HSG) and htp St.Gallen Managementberatung AG in cooperation with Jung von Matt / Limmat.

In spite of the Mass Immigration Initiative and the discussion about immigration, Switzerland is regarded as one of the most liberal-minded countries. The image of products and services from Switzerland is also very good. Both at home and abroad, a Swissness premium of up to more than 100% is paid for Swiss products in the form of higher prices.

Roger Federer is mentioned most frequently as an ambassador who embodies Swiss values to a particular extent, ten times more than the next person still alive. He incorporates Swiss values such as reliability and hard work, thus representing an example of a likeable Swiss person.

Brand protection for "Made in Switzerland"

On 1 January 2016, the Swissness Ordinance will enter into force, which regulates the requirements that Swiss companies must satisfy in order to be able to use the Swissness brand. Although many enterprises intend to put Swiss to more use in the future, half of them have not conducted any conclusive assessment or passed a "Swissness-Strategy" yet.

Between 52% and 89% of the interviewees worldwide prefer Swiss products to products of no known origin if their prices are the same. When it comes to products of Swiss origin, the interviewees are willing to pay a premium of more than 100% for luxury watches, more than 50% for cheese and cosmetics and still 7% for skiing holidays. The Swissness premium is lowest with airlines, information and communication technology and machine-building.

The biggest fans of Swissness, who are most willing to pay, come from China, Brazil, India and Russia – countries which are home to a substantial 40% of the world’s population. In the average of the industries surveyed, Swiss products are able to achieve a price premium of almost 40%.

Swissness trend continues

In Switzerland, the Swissness trend also continues unabated. Swissness appeals to 43% of the population, who pay a great deal of attention to the Swiss origin of products. The Swiss cross on the packaging is valuable even for established brands. People are willing to pay 6% more for confectionery with a cross than for confectionery without one.

Switzerland continues to be perceived as attractive, a country with a great deal of nature, a beautiful landscape and a high quality of life. It is respected and is considered to be more likable than all other countries surveyed. In many parts of the world, however, it is seen as the cliché fairy tale country of mountains, chocolate and watches, and less as an innovative and technologically leading economic nation.

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