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Research on energy future

Two students of the University of St.Gallen (HSG) answer questions about St.Gallen's energy future in their Master’s theses.
Source: HSG Newsroom


21 January 2010. How can St.Gallen politics put the region’s resources to efficient use? And what location factors attract enterprises that are economically viable in the long term to Eastern Switzerland? These are the questions that occupy two students of the University of St.Gallen (HSG) in their Master’s theses.

Support by the City of St.Gallen
They are supported with grants by the Environment and Energy Office of the City of St.Gallen. The students’ investigations constitute a contribution towards the implementation and further development of the City of St.Gallen’s Energy Concept 2050.

Acquire new knowledge
Bettina Hirl and Christopher Bisang are working on solutions to the region’s future energy supply. “By supporting the students, we would like to acquire new knowledge about how we can utilize our resources more economically in the future and further increase the attractiveness of St.Gallen as a home for enterprises and find out, above all, about how young people want to tackle today’s pressing issues that will affect their own future,” says Harry Künzle, the City of St.Gallen’s Energy Commissioner.

Results in summer 2010
Bettina Hirl’s research investigates ways of how politics is best able to promote an efficient utilization of resources. Christoph Bisang analyzes what factors influence sustainable enterprises’ choice of location and how the region can become even more attractive to such firms. The students are closely cooperating with the City’s and the HSG’s relevant authorities. The results of their Master’s theses are expected to be published in summer 2010.