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Raise in study fees in Autumn 2014

Because of the Canton’s saving target, the HSG will have to raise tuition fees beginning in the Autumn semester of 2014. Regular Swiss bachelor’s degree students and Swiss and foreign PhD students will be exempt from the increase.
Source: HSG Newsroom


20 December 2012. In line with the Cantonal Austerity Package No. 1, the University of St.Gallen will have to save six million francs annually through 2015. This target will be met by three measures: ongoing reductions in teaching and administrative costs and additional revenue in the form of higher tuition fees.

University Council’s policy decision
At its meetings on 5 November and 10 December, the University Council discussed the actual amount and structure of future tuition fees and approved a policy decision. The cantonal government’s communication regarding the savings mentioned specific amounts for various categories of study fees. Wherever possible, the University Council opted for the lower limit of the savings targets. It is especially important that:

  • Regular Swiss bachelor’s degree students are not affected by the increases.
  • Home and foreign doctoral students will be exempt from the increases.
  • Surcharges for the master’s level, which are due to the higher costs of this level, will only be 400 francs per year.

If the government accepts the updated fee schedule, the following study fees will be effective from 1 August 2014:

Annual study fees for Swiss citizens

Under Austerity Package No. 1
1 February 2012

Increase  Under Austerity Package No. 2
1 August 2014
Bachelor 2452 none 2452
Bachelor long-term 2452 1000 3452
Master 2452 400 2852
Master long-term 2452 1400 3852
PhD students 1252 none 1252
Annual study fees for foreign students
  Under Austerity Package No. 1
1 February 2012
Increase  Under Austerity Package No. 2
1 August 2014
Bachelor 4252 2000 6252
Bachelor long-term 4252 2000 6252
Master 4252 2400 6652
Master long-term 4252 2400 6652
PhD students 2152 none 2152

Long-term: more than 12 semesters

The reason for the higher fees for foreign students is that the Canton of St.Gallen does not get contributions for foreign students. The Canton gets annual contributions in the amount of 10’100 francs for Swiss students from other cantons.

Accompanying measures
Part of the additional revenue will be invested in teaching. Additional money will go to the credit-and-scholarship fund to help pay for hardship cases. In addition, the following principles will be applied:

  • During their regular course of studies on one level (bachelor/master), students will only be affected once by a tuition increase (protection of trust).
  • Students for whom the tuition increase creates a hardship can submit a request for a scholarship or a study loan from the scholarship committee. Students who have to extend their course of studies because of their special involvement with HSG or for personal hardship reasons can get a remission of fees.