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Philosophy in the cinema

On 21 March at 7.30 p.m., the IWE will stage a public discussion about law and morality in Marcus Mittermeier’s film Muxmäuschenstill. Philosophy lecturer Dr. Martin Booms will conduct a discussion in the cinema KinoK.<br/>
Source: HSG Newsroom


18 March 2013. The organiser of the “Philosophy in the cinema” series is the Bonn Akademie für Sozialethik und Öffentliche Kulture (ask). In St.Gallen, the cinema evening will take place in the KinoK in the Lokremise in cooperation with the Institute for Business Ethics. Martin Booms is the Director of the Bonn Akademie and Lecturer in Critical Thinking at the HSG. The cinema evening is open to the public; students will be granted an admission price reduction.


Muxmäuschenstill relates the story of the self-appointed improver of the world, Mux. He keeps Immanuel Kant’s moral philosophy on his bedside table and is the representative of  the “Society for the Cultivation of the Public Spirit”. He goes forth into the streets of Berlin to conduct a campaign against the alleged moral corruption in modern society.

Mux is obsessed with his moralistic and selfish world view. His crusade against sex fiends, people who urinate in public swimming baths and speed merchants entangles him in a terror of virtue. It soon crosses the border between civil courage and vigilantism and finally leads to a lethal logic of (self-)destruction.

Muxmäuschenstill won four prizes at the Max-Ophüls-Filmfestival in Saarbrücken in 2004 and was nominated in the Best Film and Best Supporting Actor categories of the Deutsche Filmpreis 2004.

Picture: Photocase / Calmate