Events - 26.10.2015 - 00:00 

Overath reads from her works

In her public lectures entitled "Vom Schnee des Erzählens" – "The Snow of Narration" – Dr. Angelika Overath reveals the differences in craftsmanship that can be discerned in different genres. The four-part series will start on 2 November.
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26 October 2015. In the poetry lectures entitled "Vom Schnee des Erzählens", Angelika Overath will read from her novels, reports and essays and talk about her workshop. Why is a text generated? How does an idea evolve into a book? She will also tell the audience which content corresponds to which genre. And where the borders between genres are situated, differences in craftsmanship can be identified and also put to good use. In her lecture, she will also deal with the texts which focus on her life in the Engadin, among them Alle Farben des Schnees. Senter Tagebuch ("All the Colours of Snow. The Sent Diary").

Angelika Overath was born in Karlsruhe in 1957. She studied German, history and Italian in Tübingen and obtained her doctor’s degree in 1986 with a thesis on the colour blue in modern poetry. Today, she works as a reporter, writer, literary critic for the NZZ am Sonntag and FAZ and as a lecturer. Her works were awarded various scholarships and prizes. Her novel "Flughafenfische" was nominated for the 2009 Swiss Book Prize. She now lives in Sent/Engadin.

The four lectures will take place in the Post Office Building, Room for Literature, on Mondays. They will start at 6.15 p.m. Dates: 2 November, 9 November, 16 November and 23 November 2015.

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