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“No Business” at the Backstage

For anyone who would like to experience professors far from a lecture room, the Backstage is just the right place on 23 May at 9.30 p.m. when probably the HSG’s best professors’ band will be putting on a gig.
Source: HSG Newsroom


16 May 2011. The Band “No Business“ is made up of Professors Kuno Schedler (“The Voice“, vocals and bass), Winfried Ruigrok (“The Lizard King”, vocals and bass) TorstenTomczak (“Neil“, lead and rhythm guitars) the ex-HSG and present ETH Professor Georg von Krogh (“Ray“, keyboards) and Oliver Gassmann (“Bonzo“, drums).

From Oasis to Kylie Minogue
What will “No Business” play in the St.Gallen Backstage club? Von Krogh: “Definitively highly explosive profrock!“ Can you be more exact? Tomczak: “In terms of sound, we’re somewhere between Oasis, MandoDiao…“, Gassmann: „… Kylie Minogue, the White Stripes, Robbie Williams…“, von Krogh: “…and Radiohead, The Clash and U2… and Billy Idol and Deep Purple!“

“Are you ready to rock?“

So anyone who would like to experience what is probably the HSG’s best professors’ band far from the lectures in the Audimax should be at the Backstage on 23 May. “No Business“will appear on stage at 9.30 p.m. and ask: “Are you ready to rock?“

Tickets for 8 francs are available from the HSG student bar “ad hoc” on campus from 16 May or, if there are any seats left, on 23 May from 8.30 p.m. at the Backstage.