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New Doctors at the HSG

On 17 September 2012, President Thomas Bieger awarded 71 Doctor’s degrees at the award ceremony. In his address, he focused on the perspectives of Europe and St.Gallen as centres of research.
Source: HSG Newsroom


17 September 2012. 71 graduates received their degree certificates from President Thomas Bieger, who awarded 49 Doctor’s degrees in Economic Sciences, six in Law, seven in Social Science and three in Political Science, as well as six Ph.D.s in Economics and Finance.

In his ceremonial address on “The rise of Asia”, President Thomas Bieger spoke about the future of the centres of knowledge in the West and in the BRIC countries.

The musical accompaniment at the ceremony was provided by the brass ensemble of the St.Gallen Symphony Orchestra. The welcoming addresses to graduates and guests were given by Daniel Bargetze, Executive Director of HSG Alumni, and by alumnus Dr. Andreas Höfert, Chief Economist Wealth Management & Swiss Bank, UBS AG.