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Master Graduation Day at the HSG

321 graduates received their Master of Arts Degrees (M.A. HSG) during Master Graduation Day on October 8. HSG’s president spoke about the responsible use of information.
Source: HSG Newsroom


10 October 2011. The 321 graduates received degrees in the following programs:

22 in Information, Media and Technology Management

52 in Marketing, Services and Communication Management

48 in Accounting and Finance

77 in Banking and Finance

24 in Strategy and International Management

14 in Economics

16 in Quantitative Economics and Finance

34 in International Affairs and Governance (six of those graduated with an additional degree from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris, through a double-degree program with Sciences Po)

16 in Law

18 in Law and Economics

20 graduates received a supplementary degree in Business Education

Trust rather than control

In his speech, President Thomas Bieger talked about information asymmetries and when it is acceptable to use them and when it is not. Legally, there are clearly defined limits: The deliberate spreading of false information in an economic context is prohibited, innovation is protected through patents and insider trading on the stock exchange is illegal. On the other hand, it is desirable and legal to use information advantages gained through innovation funded by investing at one’s own risk. Bieger explained that trust is valued less and less and a lot of money is invested in elaborate controlling systems. “The expenditure for this controlling, reporting, rating and accreditation machinery is gigantic”, he said. There is no less abuse of the system because of it, he added, but the mistrust mechanisms have led to a depersonalization of leadership in businesses and in society.

Investments in knowledge and networks

President Bieger concluded by giving the graduates two suggestions to take with them as they leave the university. First, they should build on trust because it is a powerful source of motivation, wellbeing and creativity. “Invest in trusted networks, place trust in people — it will often be given back to you”, he said, citing HSG alumni as one of those networks. Second, graduates should invest in acquiring knowledge, which can create legal and legitimate information advantages that they can again use within their networks.