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Lectures about dream analysis

Everyone has a night life – dreams. What dreams can mean for reality will be revealed by Prof. em. Dr. Brigitte Boothe. In a three-part lecture series, the former professor of the University of Zurich will provide an introduction to dream analysis. The series will start on 8 May and is part of the public programme.
Source: HSG Newsroom

2 May 2018. People who dream change the world. During the day, it is life that calls the shots; in our dreams, the world is at our service. It adapts to the law of psychological life. In our dreams, we are all the stage directors of the world of our lives. Dreamers configure what concerns them. For Prof. em. Dr. Brigitte Boothe it is clear that those who take their dreams seriously get more out of life: they have access to themselves, to their own secret hopes and fears. This is how the former Professor of Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis of the University of Zurich will introduce dream analysis to the audience, who will learn what slumbers beneath the surface and must be allocated to inner life.

What's the point of dream analysis? It connects inner life with the challenges of reality. It enhances self-knowledge and hones the perception of how experience is processed without our realising it or before we realise it. Besides providing access to dream analysis, Boothe will also examine with the audience the practical relevance of dreams to life and will explore how they can be made effective in an encouraging and future-oriented manner. Members of the audience are invited to relate their own dreams.

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Tuesdays, 2.30-4 p.m., Hofkeller, Regierungsgebäude, Klosterhof 3, St.Gallen
8 May, 15 May and 22 Mai 2018