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Impulses politics

Eight former national councillors review federal politics in a public lecture series at the University of St.Gallen. The series will start on 29 October 2009.
Source: HSG Newsroom

23 October 2009. The 42 lectures of the public programme of the University of St.Gallen offer a wide range of topics. A series that will start on 29 October 2009 focuses on Swiss politics.

The perspectives of eight former national councillors – i.e. members of parliament – from Eastern Switzerland open up a particular vista on current issues and debates in federal politics. The first of the four events involving two former national councillors each will be chaired by Hanspeter Trütsch, Federal Palace Editor of Swiss Television.

29 October: Networks and shared-interest groups in federal Berne | Pia Hollenstein and Felix Walker
Chairman: Hanspeter Trütsch, Federal Palace Editor of Swiss National Television

5 November: Financial debâcle and recession – ways out of the crisis | Rolf Engler and Hans Schmid

12 November: Who guarantees security in this country? | Fredi Alder and Jakob Freund

19 November: Is our government system fit for times of crisis? | Elisabeth Caspar Schmid and Peter Weigelt
Chairman: Hanspeter Spörri, journalist, Teufen