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Human being: the rational animal?

As part of the public programme, the lecture series on "Philosophical remarks about animals and other creatures" will start on 16 April. Four evenings will be devoted to the idiosyncratic relationship between human beings and animals.
Source: HSG Newsroom


8 April 2013. People have always tended to perceive themselves as special creatures with a special "anthropology". Whence they take the freedom to be a "special" creature that is far above other living things remains an open question.

Ever since Aristotle, man has been regarded as the zoon logon echon, i.e. a creature that is capable of speaking and hearing. In addition, he is a zoon politikon, a sociable creature. However, all three definitions can also apply to animals: they are capable of communicating with each other and are sociable. The Aristotelian definition states that man is an animal rationale. But what is "reason"? After all, there is still a great deal of animal nature in people. Whatever people say about animals is always also a statement about themselves.

Prof. Dr. Ursula Pia Jauch, Professor of Philosophy and Culture at the University of Zurich, will look at people’s idiosyncratic relationship with animals and themselves.

Image: Photocase / spacejunkie