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HSG Learning Center: great interest in the architectural competition

The HSG Foundation intends to realise a Learning Center on the Rosenberg for the University of St.Gallen with the help of donations. In this way, it wants to contribute to the HSG’s ability to meet the challenges of digitisation and offer new forms of learning.
Source: HSG Newsroom

26 September 2017 (updated, 20.10.2017). By now, the architectural competition for the Learning Center has been launched, and it has aroused a great deal of interest. Various national and international architects, as well as young firms from St.Gallen to Tokyo, would like to realise the project.

Enabling new forms of learning

To meet the challenges of digitisation and to reinforce quality in the international competition among locations and their universities, the HSG Learning Center on the Rosenberg should enable new forms of learning. It will provide innovative learning environments supplemented with new digital media, thus creating a framework for learning-oriented, personal encounters. Future-oriented competencies are intended to be fostered in group-work rooms and arenas, for instance the reinforcement of social and technological competence, the ability to conduct debates and to think in an entrepreneurial and creative manner. With several hundred learning and working stations, the Learning Center will also be able to satisfy the HSG’s spatial requirements for a larger learning environment.

Funding and planning

The HSG Foundation intends to fund the Learning Center entirely through donations. Overall costs of approx. CHF 40-50m have been budgeted for the construction, equipment and commissioning of the Center. The Canton of St.Gallen intends to make the necessary property available to the HSG Foundation through a land-lease agreement.

Competition to be judged in late January 2018

The architectural competition was launched in August. It aroused a gratifying amount of interest in architecture firms from St.Gallen to Tokyo. Ultimately, eight firms were invited to join the competition:


Grafton Architects, Dublin

Sou Fuji Moto Architects, Tokyo

Anne Lacaton & Jean Philippe Vassal Architectes, Paris


Peter Märkli, Zürich

Christ & Gantenbein, Basel

EM2N Architekten, Zurich

Young firms, national

Made in, Geneva and Zurich

Barao-Hutter GmbH, St.Gallen

The jury consists of the following persons:

Expert judges

  1. Marc Angélil, Prof. Dipl. Arch. ETH / SIA Zürich (chairman of the jury)
  2. Ingemar Vollenweider, Prof. Dipl. Arch. ETH / SIA / BSA Basel
  3. Christine Kohlert, Prof. Mediadesign, Architect, Munich
  4. Andreas Sonderegger, Dipl. Arch. ETH / SIA / BSA

Object judges

  1. Urs Landolf, Delegate of the HSG Foundation (chair)
  2. Stefan Kölliker, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the University of St.Gallen
  3. Thomas Bieger, President, University of St.Gallen

Expert with an advisory vote

  1. Roman Boutellier, HSG Professor Emeritus
  2. Bruno Hensler, Director of Administration, University of St.Gallen
  3. Bernadette Dilger, Prof. Dr., faculty representative
  4. Edeltraud Haas, library representative
  5. Michael Lorz, Managing Director, HSG Foundation
  6. Florian Kessler, Head of St.Gallen Urban Planning
  7. Luca P. Serratore, President Student Union, University of St.Gallen

The projects are scheduled to be submitted by late December 2017, and they will be judged in late January 2018. Construction work should start in 2019/20 to ensure that the urgently required building can be made operational for Spring Semester 2022. The intended location of the Learning Center will not infringe on the surface of the natural garden and the family allotments. During the construction stage, however, parts of the family allotments may be used for construction installations.