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HSG launches magazine as an app

The new magazine of the University of St.Gallen, HSG Focus, will replace the HSGBlatt and will be published as an app. The first focal topic: “The world is round – football management and other issues of ball control”.
Source: HSG Newsroom


28 February 2013. The media have undergone a dramatic change in the last few years – less and less is printed on paper, more and more is published digitally. It is not only the younger generations that have adapted their media use behaviour and increasingly consume electronic publications. The University of St.Gallen would like to make use of this development.

Dossier and campus
HSG Communication, the publisher of the previous HSGBlatt, in consultation with communication professor Miriam Meckel, President Thomas Bieger and Executive Director Markus Brönnimann, has developed an electronic University magazine, which is appearing for the first time today and will from now on appear four times a year. HSG Focus is distinctly more extensive in terms of subject matter and also more varied than the HSGBlatt. The new magazine will be made up of a dossier with contributions to each issue’s focal topic and of stimulating news and background stories of public interest about University life. The magazine with its focal topics and University news is not intended to appeal to the University community alone but also to the public at large.

18 contributions from the world of football
The first dossier is “The world is round – football management and other issues of ball control”. Football management does not only appear to be a colourful business, but also a difficult one – considering that, for example, the clubs of the Spanish, English and Italian professional leagues have aggregate debts of several billion francs. The editorial team set out to discover intramural and extramural perspectives on ball management at home and abroad, as well as related issues, in order to compile them for the first issue of HSG Focus.

Besides the dossier on a focal issue, HSG Focus will also offer a campus part, which contains background stories and interesting news about the University world.

HSG Focus can be downloaded free of charge in the App Store and on Google Play (Android, from Version 4.0) by everyone as from now. It is recommendable that the push functions should be activated after the download. In this way, users will automatically receive the latest issue on their tablets or smartphones four times a year. A simple PDF version is available on