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HSG Impact Award 2022: The Future of Work

The Corona pandemic has kept the world on tenterhooks since 2020. In addition to the fundamental economic and In addition to the fundamental economic and social challenges, there has also been an abrupt change in the way companies work together: Home office, virtual collaboration, and the increased use of digital communication tools gained enormous importance due to the crisis. For many employees, the increased use of home office goes hand in hand with a gain in freedom and flexibility. On the other hand, empirical findings show that increased work in the home office leaves a considerable proportion of employees behind and threatens them with burnout. Not only to maintain their own competitiveness but also out of social responsibility, companies must find ways to support their employees in this ongoing exceptional situation in order to ensure long-term health and performance. The research project "Resilience and High Performance at Hilti in Times of Pandemic" by Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch, Prof. Dr. Nils Fürstenberg, and Frederik Hesse was dedicated to this topic in view of these comprehensive challenges, with the aim of supporting Hilti in successfully overcoming this global crisis. The empirical findings obtained are not only actively used by Hilti but are also actively shared in the "Pioneering Enterprise Consortium", a consortium consisting of 18 practice partners from German-speaking countries, with a focus on Switzerland. In addition, the findings are discussed in the general public on the basis of various publications. (in German)
Source: HSG Newsroom
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