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HSG Career Management Handbook

The University of St. Gallen Career Management Handbook is the latest step in HSG's constant commitment to helping students create long term success.
Source: HSG Newsroom


13 April 2011. HSG Career Services Center has released a new Career Management Handbook to help students develop long term perspective for their career planning by providing them with information on the perspectives skills needed for successful Career Management. The Handbook guides its readers with step-by-step instructions through the process of choosing a career path, searching and applying for an initial job and starting work in the strongest possible position.

"There certainly exists no universal roadmap for successful career planning, given that every person is unique," says the book's introduction. "How is it possible then to find a suitable career entry point or to enhance one's market value? And in turn, how do you cope with ever-changing working conditions? To engage in active Career Management is a good basis for it."

Step-By-Step Career Management
The Handbook - written both in English and German - helps students develop an understanding of their competencies, values and goals as well as being able to market themselves convincingly during the job application process. The book is split into three parts representing the three steps for beginning a lasting and successful career; Assess, Act and Achieve.

The Assess section advises on researching career options including taking stock of one's own interests and passions, arguing that one is more productive in a career one has genuine excitement for. The Act section covers steps in applying for a job, successfully interviewing and creating a strong positive impression.

The Achieve section naturally covers the final steps to beginning a career, starting a first job. This final section reviews everything from reviewing job offers and turning down a job, to negotiating salary and making a strong showing for your first 100 days.

HSG Career Planning Services
The Handbook is a product of the HSG Career Center Services which assists students with career development through a variety of programmes including counseling, workshops, resource material and networking opportunities. HSG students may purchase a copy of the Handbook for CHF 15, while others can for CHF 30.