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How big data can change society

Big data and the internet of things – two terms which are appearing in the media with increasing frequency. How innovative forms of data collection and quantitative data analysis can change society will be revealed by a four-part public lecture series on the digital society. In one lecture, the former ski racer Dominique Gisin explains how digital data are used in ski racing.
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18 April 2017. The series will be launched by Municipal Councillor Peter Jans, who works for the Technical Utilities of the City of St.Gallen. On 25 April, he will sketch St.Gallen’s way towards becoming a "smart city". He will show where the internet of things and services is beginning to spread in the City of St.Gallen. On the second evening, on 2 May, Prof. Dr. Matthias Fengler will explain how newly available data are enhancing our perception of traditional issues of financial market statistics. In addition, the Professor of Econometrics will present an e-learning platform developed at the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics.

The way in which digital data analysis is used in ski racing will be demonstrated by ex-ski racer Dominique Gisin on 9 May. Mobile, light and flexible sensors provide insights for kinesiology and the material sciences that revolutionise Alpine ski racing, waisted skis and the continual development of training methods being cases in point. The final lecture in the series will be delivered by Dr. Ueli Mettler from c-alm AG in Zurich. On 16 May, he will show "smart" innovations which support private investors in their asset and investment decision-making. The focus will be on finance applications for the mapping of private assets, with which investment, funding, old-age provision and tax questions can be answered on one single conceptual basis.


The lectures will take place at the University of St.Gallen in Room 09-012 on Wednesdays at 6.15 p.m.

25 April:

St.Gallen's way towards becoming a smart city

Peter Jans, Municipal Councillor, Director of the Technical Utilities of the City of St.Gallen

2 May:

New data, new knowledge? Examples from teaching and research

Prof. Dr. Matthias Fengler, Professor of Econometrics, University of St.Gallen

9 May:

Data analysis in Alpine ski racing

Dominique Gisin, Ex-ski racer, physics undergraduate, ETH Zurich

16 May:

Investment Consulting 2.0: smart ALM approaches for private investors

Dr. Ueli Mettler, partner of c-alm AG, Zurich

Image: Dominique Gisin, Fotolia / valerybrozhinsky