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Haniel Seminars on emotions

From November 7-11 the Haniel Seminars at HSG will address the topic “feelings and emotions”. Renowned researchers will discuss emotion management in the economy, culture and society.
Source: HSG Newsroom


3 November 2011. On November 9, HSG will host the English-language Haniel forum “Feel it! The Management of Emotions” (6:30 p.m. in room 09-011, Great Senate Hall in the Library Building). The public forum is part of the Haniel Seminars that HSG holds annually and which will take place in St.Gallen November 7-10. Admission is free and following the event the Haniel Foundation, which sponsors the seminars, will host an apéro for attendees.

The “power of emotions” under discussion
The forum brings renowned researchers who are concerned with the effects of emotions on the economy, culture and society to St.Gallen. A panel discussion will consider the power and availability of emotions and the issue of how mass media and social networks bank on the effect of emotions with their “cult of friendship”. Questions to be considered include: How are psychology and the control of emotions applied in education? Will only those companies that appeal to consumer feelings win, like Apple with its product marketing?

Emotion management
The panelists who will discuss feelings and emotion management are Prof. Dr. Eva Illouz, sociologist from Jerusalem and author of the new book “Why Love Hurts”; educational researcher Prof. Dr. Dorthe Staunæs from DPU, University of Århus in Copenhagen; Prof. Dr. Linda Williams, film scholar at the University of California, Berkeley; and Prof. Dr. Chris Steyaert, organizational psychologist from St.Gallen. Dr. Scott Loren of HSG’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences will moderate the panel discussion and audience participation. His research at HSG is concerned with emotion management in film and culture.

Conference and movie at KinoK
On November 8, Haniel guest Prof. Williams will speak at KinoK movie theater at Lokremise St.Gallen. She will discuss Luis Buñuel’s film “Belle de Jour”(1967) from a media-studies point of view. Williams, a professor in the Department of Film Studies and Rhetoric at UC Berkeley, is considered a pioneer in academic studies on the subject of pornography. The seminars at HSG will be followed by the conference “After the Tears – Victimhood and Subjectivity in the Melodramatic Mode”. The conference starts on at 11:11 a.m. on Friday, November 11 (Room 09-011, Great Senate Hall in the Library Building). HSG lecturers Dr. Jörg Metelmann and Dr. Scott Loren will host the conference.

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