Events - 22.10.2012 - 00:00 

Gomez’s farewell with a symposium

At the end of the current semester, the former President of the University of St.Gallen, Prof. Dr. Peter Gomez, will retire. To bid him farewell, a public symposium will take place on Tuesday, 30 October, from 4 p.m.
Source: HSG Newsroom


22 October 2012. This three-part event will focus on “Social value creation as an entrepreneurial duty”. The symposium in the Aula (Room 02-001) of the University of St.Gallen will begin at 4 p.m. with a guest lecture by Professor Lynda Gratton of the London Business School. The former Chief Psychologist at British Airways is internationally regarded as a management guru at present.

Subsequently, a panel discussion will be staged until just before 6 p.m. It will be chaired by Haig Simonian, the Financial Times’s former Zurich correspondent. The five participants are:

• Prof. Lynda Gratton (Professor at the London Business School)

• Josef Felder (former CEO of Flughafen Zürich AG)

• Friederike Hoffmann (doctoral student at the HSG)

• Michael Haefliger (Executive and Artistic Director of the Lucerne Festival)

• Prof. Joseph Maciariello (Professor in Claremont and Peter Drucker expert)

From 6.15 p.m., the long-standing HSG professor, former President and Chairman of the Swiss Stock Exchange, Prof. Dr. Peter Gomez, will give his farewell lecture. He, too, will speak about “Social value creation as an entrepreneurial duty”.

The entire farewell symposium for Peter Gomez will not only be open to the approx. 700 invited guests but also to anyone else who is interested and to media representatives. The event will be partially in English (lecture by Lynda Gratton and panel discussion) and partially in German (lecture by Peter Gomez).