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“Cops and robbers” at the HSG

Children’s University will be taking place on 29 February and on 7, 14 and 21 March. Third- to sixth-year primary school children can look forward to a programme with thematically unrelated lectures. Admission will be free.
Source: HSG Newsroom


20 February 2012. In these four individual lectures, four HSG professors will focus on everyday situations and examples in a child’s environment. The unrelated subjects will enable children to follow the lectures even if they can only attend on one single afternoon. The invitation to attend the lectures on issues from the fields of the environment, communication, the economy, and law is also extended to classes as a whole.

Socially relevant issues

The start will be made by Prof. Dr. Rolf Wüstenhagen. On 29 February, the Professor of the Management of Renewable Energies will speak about “How can we save polar bears thanks to solar energy and windmills?” Prof. Dr. Martin Eppler, Professor of Media and Communication Management, will look into the topic of “’See what I mean?’ Why an image (sometimes) says more than 1000 words” on 7 March. On 14 March, children will answer the question of “From pocket money to a scooter – why do we need banks?” with Dr. Martin Brown, Professor of Banking. The Children’s University will conclude with a lecture on “Cops and robbers… – when is injustice punished?” by Prof. Dr. Marianne Hilf, Professor of Criminal Law, on 21 March.

HSG student ID card for every child

The Children’s University aims to familiarise the HSG’s youngest audience with socially relevant issues supplementary to what they learn at school. It is part of the University of St.Gallen’s public programme; admission is free. However, enrolment is necessary. Every child will be given an HSG student ID card. At the end of the lecture serial, the pupils who have attended all the lectures will receive a certificate of attendance.