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Bieger elected CEMS President

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bieger, President Designate of the University of St.Gallen, has been elected President of CEMS in Rotterdam. CEMS is a global alliance of 26 business universities.
Source: HSG Newsroom

10 Dezember 2010.
On the occasion of the CEMS Annual Events in Rotterdam on 4 December 2010, Prof. Dr. Thomas Bieger was elected by the presidents and deans of the universities and companies cooperating in CEMS. “It is a great honour after chairing the Academic Committee for seven years to be able to represent the organisation as a whole as its President,” said Bieger. CEMS was the most important strategic alliance for the HSG, he continued, and enabled the University to integrate itself in an international network that was becoming ever more important in global education competition.

International career opportunities
The jointly run Master’s programme in International Management (CEMS MIM) unites some 900 students annually, of whom about 50 are from the HSG. These students’ education in their respective majors is thus complemented by high-quality education in international management. In addition, they are trained ingeneral competencies such as social and communicative skills. Finally, these students become part of an international network and have good opportunities to be recruited by one of the 68 multinational partner corporations.

Responsible entrepreneurship
CEMS also deals with innovations in the field of management education, at present for instance with the implementation of socially responsible entrepreneurship. In this connection, Nobel Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunustook time in Rotterdam to provide first-hand information about microfinance and social entrepreneurship, motivating CEMS students and the community of deans and presidents to engage in “social business”. To underline this social commitment on the part of CEMS, two “social partners” were admitted to the network for the first time: the NGOs CARE International and Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International.