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Appointment: John Schouten

Prof. John Schouten, Ph.D., has been Full Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at the Center for Customer Insight, FCI-HSG, where he is also a Director, since 1 August 2012.
Source: HSG Newsroom


John W. Schouten was born in Payson, Utah, on 23 June 1956. He is an American national.

In 1981 he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in English and Spanish at the University of Utah and then pursued Latin American Studies in the graduate programme of Brigham University. He was awarded his Ph.D. in the field of marketing by the University of Utah in 1990.

Assistant Professor at Iowa State University
He first held the position of an assistant professor at Iowa State University in 1987. He then moved to the University of Portland, where he was Associate Professor of Marketing from 1995.

Research focus: consumer behaviour
Schouten’s research focuses on consumer behaviour, particularly in social communities. A special focus of his work is ethnography, on which he has published papers in leading international journals. In expert circles, he is regarded as the authority on qualitative research in the field of consumer behaviour. His work has already appeared in the Journal of Consumer Research and in the Journal of Marketing, which testifies to the highest academic quality.

Cooperation with Harley Davidson
Prof. John Schouten, Ph.D., has taught at various university education levels and cooperates with numerous firms. His projects on social communities with Harley Davidson and other motorcycle manufacturers are particularly noteworthy.

Founder of a market research firm
He is present with working papers and conference contributions at all important academic conferences on consumer behaviour. Additionally, he is an editor for numerous journals and as early as 1992 and 1993 set up firms which deal in particular with market research on the basis of qualitative methods.

Director at the Center for Customer Insight
Prof. John Schouten, Ph.D., will take on a half-time job as Full Professor of Consumer Behaviour. He will also continue to work at Aalto University School of Business. At the Center for Customer Insight, FCI-HSG, he will hold the position of a Director.