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338 new Bachelors at the HSG

On 6 April 338 graduates were awarded the degree of a Bachelor of Arts (B.A. HSG) on the occasion of the Bachelor’s Graduation Day. President Thomas Bieger spoke about the "lemming effect".
Source: HSG Newsroom


6 April 2013. A total of 338 graduates received their Bachelor’s degree certificates in the course of Graduation Day:

  • 242 in Business Administration
  • 34 in International Affairs
  • 40 in Economics
  • 9 in Law
  • 13 in Law and Economics

Mass effect – both negative and positive
President Thomas Bieger’s speech homed in on the behaviour of lemmings in a group, the "lemming effect": a symbol of phenomena where individuals in flight follow the mass and thus place themselves in even greater danger. Taking their bearings from the mass, however, did not lead the graduates into danger but to their degrees. Yet at the level of the economy as a whole, lemming behaviour was responsible for great economic and social costs.

Balance between independence and mass orientation
It was worthwhile leaving the herd in time. This required an overview and a profound understanding of the overall context. But it would take courage to do something different. Bieger encouraged the graduates to find a balance between independence and mass orientation in the future: "Lemmings may have the advantage of low search and information costs and profit from social acceptance. But they also miss new insights and knowledge. Above all, however, there is a chance that one will not follow the mass over the clifftop."

Attractive entertainment
A musical accompaniment was provided by the HSG Big Band. Urs Landolf, President of the Alumni Network, gave a welcoming address to graduates and guests.