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308 Bachelor’s degrees awarded

On 22 March, 308 graduates were awarded the degree of a Bachelor of Arts (B.A. HSG) at the University of St.Gallen. In his address, President Thomas Bieger spoke about the necessary courage to occasionally refrain from taking action.
Source: HSG Newsroom


22 March 2014. A total of 308 graduates received their Bachelor’s degree certificates on the occasion of their Graduation Day:

  • 208 in Business Administration,
  • 45 in Economics,
  • 38 in International Affairs,
  • 10 in Law and Economics,
  • 7 in Law.

The courage not to take action

Thomas Bieger reminded the graduates of the fact that in the course of contextual studies, they had learnt that people always assessed things on the strength of their experience, convictions, values or culture and then acted accordingly. Such assessments, however, did not always need to result in action. Often it was better to refrain from taking any action. With the help of an example from the Cold War, he demonstrated the benefits that can be linked with concerted non-action.

According to Bieger, we are all aware of examples of rash action – in the economy, excessively fast strategy changes; in politics, an inflation of regulation; and in society and the family, impetuous personal reactions. Young managers are emblematic of action. Full of drive as they are, they take over a department or a firm and change everything. "At last someone who is hands-on and changes something," said Bieger. "But perhaps waiting, learning and understanding the organisation would be more sustainable."

At the end of his address, Bieger advised the graduates that they should not judge people on the basis of their active action but also on the basis of appropriate non-action and equanimity. Also, people should have the greatness to simply let things emerge. It is only in this way that creativity and a varied life can evolve.

Attractive social programme

Before the degree certificates were handed out, HSG Alumni Young Chapter committee member Carla Kaufmann welcomed the graduates. The musical background to the ceremony was provided by the HSG Big Band.

During the Bachelors' Graduation Day, graduates and their relations and guests enjoyed a varied social programme, ranging from themed guided tours of the city and guided tours of the artworks at the University to Prof. Dr. Urs Fueglistaller’s taster lecture. By way of souvenirs, the HSG-Shop stand offered "Class of 2014" shirts. Sustenance was provided by the ad[hoc] coffee bar and by the bratwurst stand of Stiftung Suchthilfe St.Gallen. In the evening, HSG Alumni staged their traditional graduation party in St.Gallen.